Hello, I'm Ernest

For the last 12 years, I helped companies lead in the evolving marketing landscape.

Restructuring marketing teams, generating sales leads, analyzing data insights, and build organic, inbound digital marketing strategies.

Now… I am taking the rest of this year to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

I’ve been thinking about what’s next…

Digital continues to evolve at a blistering pace. Market is brimming with new tech from Augmented Reality to AI Assistants.

Regular people are inundated with a battle for their attention, and trust is in low supply.

The future is not about who can run the best ad campaign — it’s about making meaningful connections and using business as a force for positive change.

This sabbatical is about understanding what that means and designing what’s next.

People like us are seeking REAL connections & REAL impact.

Behind The Scenes

In mid-July, I started a digital hiatus (no social media, no news, and no tv). I am using that space to learn and create:

1) Art Of Meaningful Work55,000 downloads later, I am working on new podcast episodes. This season we will explore uncertainty, getting unstuck, becoming authentic, and building a business that matters.

2) Executive Coaching — I am REALLY excited to complete CTI coach training by the end of this year, and earn my ACC accreditation so I can help leaders and entrepreneurs find clarity and take bold action.

3) Writing & Storytelling — I always felt I could be a better writer and podcaster, so I am taking writing courses on Skillshare and considering the Masterclass with Malcolm Gladwell.

4) Python — I know enough HTML, CSS, and PHP to get by. I am learning a bit of Python through freeCodeCamp because there are many available machine learning, neural network, and AI libraries.

5) Curriculum Design — The last big project for 2018 is a complete redesign of the Digital Marketing Certificate. This is my Magnum Opus, and we will set the bar for online marketing education in Canada.

You made it to the bottom of the page! Now what?

Listen to Art Of Meaningful Work

There are 50 value-packed episodes available right now, and this summer I will be releasing 12 more.

Let’s Connect on LinkedIn

While I am taking a digital hiatus, I do check LinkedIn and would love to connect with you there.

Interview Inquiries

If you’d like to have me as a guest on your podcast or set up a media interview, drop me an e-mail.