Bespoke executive coaching and leadership development for executives, founders, and emerging leaders taking on today’s greatest challenges.


What are the chances you also lay awake at night and think about the trajectory of our future? Do you feel a responsibility to make a meaningful difference with your work? If that sounds like you, you are in good company.

The work we do is tailored specifically for executives, founders, and emerging leaders like yourself, who are driven by a need to create a better future.

Whether you are scaling a cleantech company, revolutionizing health care, pioneering sustainability initiatives, or improving supply chain management — if you are in the business of making a positive difference, I am proud to be an ally on your journey.

Let’s amplify your impact, and help you make a difference. Faster.


“My coaching experience with Ernest has been transformative. He has a remarkable ability to draw out insights and help shift perspective — something that comes from his own natural talents and studying disciplines spanning neuroscience, management theory, somatic therapy and behavioural psychology.”

Partner | Templeton Research

“Our startup was very lucky to meet Ernest. He gave our management team a 3-month long leadership coaching program and it was very valuable to our company. Having young managers and managers coming from an academic background, we benefited from our sessions as we strengthened our leadership skills in a personalized and interactive way. Ernest is a great coach, we really appreciate his time with us!”

Manager | Solaires Enterprises

“Ernest creates the space for important discussions about the difficult aspects of leadership, introduces valuable frameworks for leaders to use, and provides the tools to help clients discover their unique brand of leadership. Ernest creates a clear and accessible path forward for clients to become effective leaders that build successful businesses.”

Director | Foresight Canada

“Ernest helped me recognize my strengths, weaknesses, blind spots and values and showed me how to align them with my leadership style and goals.

This journey of self-discovery empowered me to harness my strengths and work on areas where I can improve – and I continue to do so months later.”

Director | SAIT

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