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I help executives, entrepreneurs, and organizations make meaningful impact.

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Ernest Barbaric Executive Coaching Calgary Meaningful Work

Executive Coach x Chartered Marketer

Since 2013, I interviewed over 130 executives, thought leaders, and changemakers about meaningful work. That research led me to explore coaching after 15 years as a marketing strategist and entrepreneur.

I now help high-performance leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations get unstuck, create positive and sustainable change, and make an impact with their work.

Executive Coaching Testimonial

“I reached out to Ernest for personal brand coaching, and that quickly evolved into Ernest becoming my executive coach. That is when my career pole vaulted to the next level. I was promoted from VP of Marketing and Customer Experience to Executive Vice President and then five months later I was made Chair of the board for another company the same group of shareholders own. All this in the span of ten months working with Ernest.”

STEVE WHITTINGTON // Executive Vice President, Flaman Group of Companies

Areas of Focus

Meaningful Work

You might be asking yourself “is this all there is?” after accomplishing everything you were told success was supposed to be. You feel compelled to do work that matters and you are ready for change. Learn more…

Meaningful Leadership

Your people are looking for engagement, purpose, and fulfillment in their work. It’s up to you to create a clear vision, a culture of trust, and an operating system that lets your team reach their full potential. Learn more…

Meaningful Marketing

Marketing is about more than ads, metrics, and optimization. It’s about ideas, people, products and services that change things for the better. And you are ready to make that change happen. Learn more…

Current Project: PodSummit III

PodSummit is a premier podcasting conference that welcomes attendees from all over Western Canada, US, and EU.

If you want to learn how to create a compelling podcast, build your brand, and share your ideas with the world… join us on June 22, 2019 in Calgary.

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