Hi! I’m Ernest Barbaric.

I’m a digital marketer, educator, and speaker. For the last decade I helped businesses navigate the rapidly changing landscape of modern marketing.

I designed digital marketing certificate programs at University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, and Canadian Marketing Association. By now, about 2500 professionals have gone through these courses.

My work has been covered by HubSpot, Mashable, CBC, Global TV, Smart Insights, and Nonprofit Quarterly (as well as a few others).

Here is what I’m working on right now.

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Plot twist (dun dun dun!)

What I actually do involves more than marketing. At it’s core, my work is about helping you answer “What’s Next?“. It involves finding clarity, discovering new opportunities, and rethinking business as a path to fulfilling work.

This led to projects like PodSummit, Analog Camp, and Project UnStuck.

To further explore this theme, I host Art Of Meaningful Work – a podcast on doing work that challenges you, aligns with your values, and brings you joy. It’s a collection of insightful interviews, and a chronicle of my own journey to meaningful work.

When I am not behind a computer, I love to spend time in the mountains with my wonderful wife, daughter and a lively pitbull named Jazz. We currently live in a quiet neighbourhood in Calgary, Alberta where I have been fighting an aggressive dandelion infestation.


My Personal Operating System

These are the core principles that guide my work. If you identify with them, you might enjoy my articles or podcast.
Your job doesn’t define you, but your work does. We all have functions we perform in order to make an income. But there is more to each of us than a job title — passion projects, interests, unique experiences, lessons learned, and a mark you want to leave with what you create.

Take responsibility. We all have the ability to make a difference. The unfortunate truth is that most people don’t. It could be due to “golden handcuffs”, or cognitive dissonance. It doesn’t matter. You have skills and knowledge that can be utilized and shared to create positive change. Stand for something, and take action.

Less, but better. We are inundated with more. More data, more information, more options, more choices, more demands on our time. I would like to offer that you can do less, but achieve more with focus, clarity and thoughtfulness. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


My manifesto


Outside of business pants

  1. I collect and restore vintage straight razors. A few years ago, I received one as a gift from an event organizer. It belonged to her uncle, who used it in WW II. I still haven’t had the courage to put it on a honing stone.
  2. Eastern philosophy always fascinated me. My first brush with it was The Living Tao, a book I picked up at a used book store. It had a significant impact on my worldview, and eventually led me to Soto Zen, which I still practice today.
  3. Urban sketching is one of my favourite leisure activities. After reading Ayse Birsel’s Design The Life You Love, I now bring a sketchbook with me to meetings, and secretly sketch people before the other person arrives.
  4. You’ll notice that most of the photos on this website are black and white. For some reason, I’m attracted to that style of photography and often bring a camera on hikes. I released a few of my favourite photos on unsplash for free.
  5. My first motorcycle was a 1984 Honda CB450. I traded my first car for it, and I’ve been riding ever since. That was about 20 years ago. Last year I built a bobber out of a Yamaha V-star 650. It’s loud and uncomfortable for longer rides… but I love it.



Connect With Me

Follow me on Twitter: @ebarbaric
Check out some of my photos on Instagram: @ebarbaric
You can e-mail me directly at hello [at] ernestbarbaric.com


Ethics Statement

Please note: In some articles I may link to recommended books or gear. Most of these are Amazon Associates affiliate links. This program offers a small commission (only received if you purchase something from the linked website) that helps support this website and podcast at no additional cost to you.


As a bonus for getting this far… here is a snapshot of my top three learnings from 6 years of podcasting :)