Hello, I’m Ernest.

My mission is to help courageous leaders bend the course of history.

I work closely with clients to help them navigate uncertainty, accelerate change, and lead with confidence. If you are interested to learn more about executive coaching and strategic innovation, click here.

Over the last 15 years, I helped organizations like Yamaha, Shure, Parks Canada, Intact Insurance, and Brookfield navigate strategy, innovation and digital transformation. I designed and taught university strategy courses, delivered keynotes at numerous events, and founded a podcast conference.

My projects have been featured in Forbes, USA Today, HubSpot, Smart Insights, CBC, GlobalTV and Canadian Business. In 2017, I also delivered a TEDx talk on digital addiction.

I now leverage all of the above to support extraordinary leaders making a difference in climate change, education, health, food, and energy. (SDG 2, 3, 4, 7, and 13)

My wife Stacey, our daughter Ariella and I moved to Victoria, BC in mid-2020. I love the outdoors! In my free time I enjoy trail running, hiking, collecting fountain pens, restoring straight razors, and I’m currently learning watercolour.

What most people don’t know about me

I was a refugee at 11 years old, and I’ve been shot at by a sniper. After my mom passed away in 2012 from lung cancer, I felt lost and stuck. I questioned all decisions I made, the path I was on, and my purpose in life. That led me to interview 130 people to understand how they made their work and lives meaningful. In 2017, I reached a point of burnout and fell into a depression that lasted for months. I researched and experimented my way out.

10 Things You May Find Interesting

  1. I practiced meditation for over a decade. I was first introduced to it via a local Soto Zen chapter. These days my practice is a blend of Zen and Transcendental.
  2. I love fountain pens! I’ve collected them for years, and have flex nibs from the 1940s to more modern Mont Blanc pens. My favourite to write with is a Sailor 1911.
  3. For a period of time, I wrote haiku poems daily. Once, I was invited to a haiku contest where I once won second place and was then published in a poetry magazine.
  4. In 2017, I gave a TEDx talk on digital addiction. I was so nervous, I forgot chunks of what I wanted to say, and after the video was released I realized my collar was flipped up the entire time.
  5. Art seems to be a recurring theme, and I am now learning watercolour painting. Before that, I spent a few years learning all about Sumi-e – a traditional Japanese art form. I did a Pecha Kucha talk on how Sumi ink is made.
  6. I founded the first podcast conference in Western Canada because I wanted to create a place for podcasters to connect, and learn how to create more engaging audio content.
  7. Over 20 years ago, I traded my first car for my first motorcycle. Since then, I built and rode stunt bikes, cafe racers, and bobbers. My most recent bike was a Triumph Thruxton.
  8. Every year, I try to organize one or two sabbaticals where I go completely off-grid for a few days, usually on a mountain or a cabin somewhere out of cell range. I couldn’t do it without my wife’s support.
  9. My wife and I got married on top of a mountain, on the island of Hvar in Croatia where I used to go as a child.
  10. I founded the first social media certificate program in Western Canada at Mount Royal University, and still teach Digital Strategy for the Canadian Marketing Association.

Motto: Aut inveniam viam aut faciam.
[I will find a way, or make one]