Personal, bespoke support for professionals ready to take their leadership journey seriously and make a greater impact.

Most leaders and entrepreneurs come to coaching only after they’ve hit a wall. It could be losing a project, blowing an investment pitch, or a partnership contract that goes sideways. It could be team conflict that results in your top performer leaving, or you could be experiencing a spiral of anxiety and burnout.

That doesn’t have to be you.

Calm, Clear, and Confident

I worked with dozens of leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs. In that time, I’ve come to believe the following. See if it resonates with you.

  • You don’t have to have all the answers.
  • You don’t have to compromise your values or your moral compass.
  • You can be your authentic self, and effortlessly attract the right support and people to you.
  • You shouldn’t have to compartmentalize who you are personally, from who you are professionally.
  • You can develop the ability to be calm, clear and confident in any situation.

Results and Outcomes

The work we do is completely custom-tailored to you. We look at the impact you want to create and remove obstacles standing in your way. Engaging in this work can help you:

  • Access and develop YOUR unique leadership style.
  • Uncover and uninstall faulty programming, beliefs, and status-seeking behaviours.
  • Make better decisions, congruent with your values, that you will not regret later.
  • Confidently navigate uncertainty, knowing you can handle whatever comes your way.
  • Invite, attract and enrol the right stakeholders to help you build your vision.
  • Stop and prevent burnout so you can sustain high performance for the long term.

This work often translates into permanent improvements in effectiveness, productivity, fulfilment and well-being for yourself, your team, and your organization.


Clients I work with want a trusted ally to challenge them, support them, and hold them accountable to the best version of themselves. We have a track record of measurable and observable improvement based on peer feedback and 360 reports.

What we do is grounded in mindset, behavioural science, and execution.

No matter what you want to create, by the end of our work together you will have the certainty, clarity and confidence to move forward.

MINDSET. Great coaching reveals the conscious and unconscious mental models you use to make decisions, how you influence, how you deal with uncertainty, and the impact you have as a leader. Often, a shift in perspective can create exponential results.

BEHAVIOUR. We leverage behavioural science and assessments to create sustainable change. Sometimes that means redesigning your environment, using mnemonic or visual triggers, and sometimes it means receiving direct and unfiltered feedback.

EXECUTION. There are thousands of books on professional development. If that was all it took, you could buy a book and retire on a beach. Our work requires leaning into discomfort, deep reflection, and commitment to the practice of extraordinary leadership.

“Ernest helped me reconstruct the framework through which I view the world. His insightful guidance allowed me to see beyond the limitations I once placed upon myself and recognize the vast array of options and possibilities available. His belief in my capabilities and his willingness to lend an empathetic ear gave me the strength to persevere and navigate challenging times.”

CEO | Viridis Research

“Ernest is a genuine individual who inspires trust and creates a safe place to grapple with difficult topics: the blind spots that are holding an individual back, the mindsets and beliefs that need to be let go of and challenged. Only by doing this difficult work can the space be created to see new opportunities within yourself that will lead to outside opportunities. In effect, his coaching creates opportunity inside, then out.”

CEO | BoomBright Media

“My coaching experience with Ernest has been transformative. He has a remarkable ability to draw out insights and help shift perspective — something that comes from his own natural talents and studying disciplines spanning neuroscience, management theory, somatic therapy and behavioural psychology.”

Partner | Templeton Research

“Ernest has a natural and intuitive ability to build rapport and trust which allowed us to make great strides very effectively. His questions and insights were indicative of his ability to take in a flood of information, synthesize it, distill it to its essence and come back with insightful and thought-provoking questions. We moved the needle a LOT in a very short time.

Partner | BDO Canada

Next Steps

I work with 4 – 6 private clients at a time, across different time zones in Europe, Australia and North America.

Your journey starts with an introductory video call. No strings, and no obligations. If we are a good fit for what you want to create, and if you align with my style of coaching, we can then explore working together.

Please fill out the form below and someone will get back to you within 48 hours to schedule a video call and answer any questions you may have.