Profoundly improve your leadership performance, learn how to use your natural influencing style to enroll your team and stakeholders, and design a custom-tailored professional development strategy.

You are invited to a private professional Development program for change leaders.

We start in September and have 10 spots available.

This is for you if:

  • You are preparing to ramp up as Covid restrictions ease.
  • You want your team to function well and get things done.
  • You want to foster innovation in your organization.
  • You want to enrol others in a change initiative.
  • You want to easily handle tough conversations.

You will learn:

  • How your communication style impacts your results.
  • How to influence in a way that’s authentic to you.
  • How others perceive you when you are under stress.
  • How to design your relationships for success.
  • How to adapt your communication style on the fly.


We are using a behavioural assessment as the foundation of our program. It is backed by 40+ years of applied research, and millions of data points collected annually to help improve the reliability of the results. It is one of the most accurate assessments available today, and it is used by the top 75% of Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

As a change leader, you need to have a high degree of self-awareness. Our version of the DISC behavioural assessment will show how you respond to conflict, how you solve problems, what environment helps you do your best work, what stresses you out, how you influence others, as well as what your natural, authentic leadership style is.

Our goal is to give you practical tools you can use immediately with your team, stakeholders, investors and clients.

Your Instructor

Ernest Barbaric is an executive coach, strategic advisor, and certified DISC facilitator.

His work has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, HubSpot, Smart Insights, and Canadian Business, and he has worked with leaders from companies such as Yamaha, Shure, Brookfield Properties, and Digital Promise.

He is a top-rated instructor at Mount Royal University, University of Calgary, and Canadian Marketing Association.

Ernest has been working with leaders, executives and entrepreneurs for over 15 years, helping them navigate strategy, innovation and digital transformation.

His focus now is on supporting change leaders.


Executive DISC Assessment – Week of September 6th, 2021

Your journey begins with an in-depth leadership DISC assessment. When you receive a private link to complete the assessment, make sure to set aside 20-30 minutes to be completely uninterrupted during that time. You will then receive a customized report with instructions on how to get the most out of our time together.

Understanding Self – September 10th, 2021 – 10AM PST

Your first session explores communication styles, preferences, stress tendencies, and blind spots. You will learn the differences between fast-moving and slower-moving, as well as task-focused and people-focused types of people, and your own unique advantages as a leader. You will also begin to draft your own leadership development plan.

Influencing Others – September 17th, 2021 – 10 AM PST

In this session, you will learn how to quickly uncover what communication style someone else may have, and how to adjust your own approach to make sure your message is landing with them. Then, you will explore how to authentically align with and influence others. You will also have an opportunity to practice “flexing” your style in a role playing scenario, and further build out your development plan.

1:1 Executive Coaching Session – Week of September 20th, 2021

In a private one-on-one coaching session, we will debrief the most important parts of the assessment, and address any specific challenges you may be facing now or in the near future. We will create a specific development and action plan, where you will be applying what we covered in the workshop to your specific situation.

I found significant value in validating some of my top differentiators and uncovering a few additional nuggets. By nature, I am a humble leader, and with Ernest’s helpful nudges, I’m in a place now to step forward and claim my strengths with more conviction. 

I can see this resource being so helpful for leaders, business owners, and teams when it comes to navigating change with more adaptability by understanding strengths, behaviours, motivations, and understanding differences to partner effectively vs judging them. 

Ernest is exceptionally insightful and strategic, an incredible listener, and a true delight to partner with. I would recommend Ernest as a coach for positive change in a heartbeat.

Eva Van Krugel // Leadership Coach & Facilitator // Live With Fervor


How is the program delivered?

We will meet online via Zoom at 10AM on September 4th and 10th, 2021. For our individual 1:1 coaching sessions, you can choose between video or phone.

Am I able to use the Canada Job Grant?

Since each province is using different criteria for training eligibility, you may be able to apply for the Job Grant and use it toward the program. Please check with your home province – here are the links to BC and Alberta.

What other resources will I receive?

Aside from the assessment report, you will also receive a printable cheat sheet to help you identify and communicate effectively with different people. Some clients have cut this out and taped it to their monitors when they’re on Zoom calls, or in their notebooks so they had it handy in meetings.

Will I have access to the sessions after?

The group sessions will be recorded, and you will receive a copy of the video for your records. The recordings are live for 30 days after the completion of the program.

Why a small group, and short sessions?

This program is limited to 10 people. This creates a powerful experience of sharing and learning from each other while allowing space to address your personal challenges. Time is extremely valuable for all of us, so the elements, pace, and length of the CLA program are designed to fit into a leader’s schedule, and offer high ROI for your time.

Should you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Change Leader Accelerator is a three-part program aimed at improving your leadership performance. The content is tailored specifically for innovative and change leaders.

You will understand how your behavioural style impacts your results, how to influence others effectively and authentically, and create a custom-tailored professional development plan.

After you complete your assessment, we will meet on September 10th and 17th at 10 AM PST, for two group coaching sessions, followed up with a private 1:1 executive coaching session to help you deepen your learning and design your development plan.

The investment for the program is $1000 CAD, and there are 10 spots available.

Make your payment below to reserve your spot.