“My coaching experience with Ernest has been transformative. He has a remarkable ability to draw out insights and help shift perspective — something that comes from his own natural talents and studying disciplines spanning neuroscience, management theory, somatic therapy and behavioural psychology. He is quick to process, yet patient and thoughtful in his coaching, and knows when to push and when to wait. I think of Ernest as both an expert guide and trusted companion as we move through subject matter ranging from professional to personal, micro to macro, and tactical to philosophical. While there is much-uncharted territory ahead, my life is already richer for having gone down this path with him.”

Partner | Templeton Research

“I would highly recommend Ernest’s Executive Leadership Coaching to cleantech founders. He creates the space for important discussions about the difficult aspects of leadership, introduces valuable frameworks for leaders to use, and provides the tools to help clients discover their unique brand of leadership. Ernest creates a clear and accessible path forward for clients to become effective leaders that build successful businesses.”

Director Of Research | Foresight Canada

“I had the pleasure of working 1-1 with Ernest over the course of 12 months, and his coaching was truly a game-changer for my personal and professional growth.

Ernest has an incredible knack for creating a safe and supportive space where you can freely explore your ideas and unpack and challenge your existing beliefs. He provides feedback in a way that motivates and inspires and is always supportive and understanding, yet he never hesitates to challenge you to be your best. He pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and shed my (self-imposed) limitations. With his guidance, I set achievable goals and implemented strategies that increased my confidence as a leader.

One of the most valuable things Ernest taught me was the importance of self-awareness. He helped me recognize my strengths, weaknesses, blind spots and values and showed me how to align them with my leadership style and goals. This journey of self-discovery empowered me to harness my strengths and work on areas where I can improve – and I continue to do so months later.

If you’re looking to unlock your leadership potential, Ernest should be your go-to person.”

Director of Strategy and Development | SAIT

“I reached a point in my career and life where I was feeling lost. Almost three years into the pandemic, post-maternity leave and struggling as a working mom in a new job — I knew I needed help. I had been following Ernest’s work as an Executive Coach and knew him prior as an instructor for a Digital Marketing course I took years earlier. I figured I was punching above my weight class by reaching out to him, as he normally works with senior leaders and C-Suite, but I knew he was the right coach to work with.

Right from our initial call, Ernest has a way of clearing the space, making you feel comfortable and genuinely understanding the challenges and roadblocks you feel. We worked together over a three-month period and after each call, I had a level of clarity and understanding about my career, my values, and my strengths that I could not see or realize on my own.

His strategic approach, actionable mindset and intuition helped me understand self-limiting beliefs, the real power in my skillset, and how to go after the career I wanted. In our time working together, I was able to get unstuck, leave a job that was not serving me, and land a new role in which I am flourishing.

I went from a contributor to a strategic leader because Ernest was able to uncover all the greatness that had been weighed down by situations, toxic managers and just the tremendous change that happens when you go from working professional to parent. If you are a senior leader, a parent or just a professional that wants more out of your career and life, reach out to Ernest. I guarantee the initial call will pleasantly surprise you and confirm that you made the right decision to work with him.”

Senior Communications Lead | CarePoint Health

“It’s true what they say – what got you here will not get you there. I met Ernest at a time when I was not exactly sure where ‘here’ was or where the ‘there’ that I wanted to pursue might be. Today I can comfortably and confidently say that I am exactly where I need to be.

I have loved every job that I’ve had and every organization that I worked for. Working with Ernest has highlighted that that is because of me and my approach to work. Wherever I go, there I am; this has meant that I work for organizations whose values align with my own which allows me to stay true to myself. This has enabled me to be a strong team player, to build awesome teams and for my employer to achieve great things, no matter how small or big. A year ago I had not realized the value that I bring to others. Today because of Ernest I understand and appreciate that value and I also know how to leverage it to create a multiplier effect.” 

Managing Director | Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

“Our startup was very lucky to meet Ernest. He gave our management team a 3-month long leadership coaching program and it was very valuable to our company. Having young managers and managers coming from an academic background, we benefited from our sessions as we strengthened our leadership skills in a personalized and interactive way. Ernest is a great coach, we really appreciate his time with us!”

Marketing and Business Development Manager at Solaires Entreprises Inc.

“Ernest and I have been working together for about six months, moving me to my own HOW and WHY as well as the WHAT’S NEXT in my career.

I was exploring this on my own for over a year but it wasn’t until Ernest and I started talking that I understood the value of a coach. As a result of our sessions, I have gotten closer to putting the right career-focused pieces of my life together, instead of floundering and trying to make the proverbial wrong pieces fit.

Ernest was able to help me extract and connect themes in my work and career that I couldn’t have done alone. He is approachable, easy to work with, has your best interest at heart with accountability to the Nth degree.”

CMO | CalTech

I reached out to Ernest because I felt like I was stuck in my primary business. I couldn’t seem to figure out on my own how to get unstuck. Ernest was exactly what I was hoping for. He was like the CEO whisperer and came highly recommended by some very successful people I knew. He is just the right amount of challenge and support. We were able to identify some patterns that were recurring that were not just in my business life but woven through my private life too. More interesting still, some of the things that made me successful, held my company back from getting to the next level. If you’re considering working with a coach, he will help you figure out your own answers, craft the right questions, and help guide you to the next level of your business. Navigating life and business challenges shouldn’t be done alone.” 

CEO | Merkwood Homes

“I reached out to Ernest for personal brand coaching, and that quickly evolved into Ernest becoming my executive coach. That is when my career pole-vaulted to the next level. I was promoted from VP of Marketing and Customer Experience to Executive Vice President and then five months later I was made Chair of the board for another company the same group of shareholders own. All this in the span of ten months working with Ernest.

CEO | BoomBright Media

“I had the honour of working with Ernest in his role as an executive coach. Ernest has a natural and intuitive ability to build rapport and trust which allowed us to make great strides very effectively. His questions and insights were indicative of his ability to take in a flood of information, synthesize it, distill it to its essence and come back with insightful and thought-provoking questions. We moved the needle a LOT in a very short time If you have the opportunity to work with Ernest – I’d urge you to sign up.”

Partner, Business Transition Services | BDO Canada

With marketing shifting so quickly into the digital realm, I needed to improve my entire team’s knowledge base and enthusiasm to help push Yamaha’s online efforts in the right direction. Ernest developed a customized strategy workshop that addressed not only the team’s knowledge base, but a number of issues where we could improve. Since then we’ve greatly improved our social media messaging, developed a strategy for in-house content production, improved our SEO performance, and optimized our web platforms for better user engagement. From top to bottom, each member of the department is engaged and ready to take on these new challenges. Ernest truly helped shift the thinking of the department.

National Marketing Manager | Yamaha Canada