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You are a leader on a mission. You have big goals, inspired vision, and a lot of ambition.

Chances are, you are also running into challenges. You are driving change and innovation, but progress is slow. You are trying to change culture, but something is just not clicking. Most importantly you are not getting the results you know you are capable of.

Know that you are not alone. Many high performing leaders I work with face the same challenges. 

I work with leaders, executives and entrepreneurs on personal and professional development, and our goal is to help you:

  • Lead with authenticity.
  • Consistently make better decisions.
  • Eliminate uncertainty and confusion.
  • Experience meaning and fulfilment in your work.
  • Uncover the blind spots that are holding you back.

This translates into extraordinary improvements in productivity, and overall well-being for yourself and your organization.

Recent Endorsements

I reached out to Ernest because I felt like I was stuck in my primary business. I couldn’t seem to figure out on my own how to get unstuck. Ernest was exactly what I was hoping for. He was like the CEO whisperer and came highly recommended from some very successful people I knew. He is just the right amount of KISS and KICK. (He calls it challenge and support). We were able to identify some patterns that were recurring that were not just in my business life but woven through my private life too. More interesting still, some of the things that made me successful, held my company back from getting to the next level. If you’re considering working with a coach, he will help you figure out your own answers, craft the right questions, and help guide you to the next level of your business. Navigating life and business challenges shouldn’t be done alone. 

Steve M. / CEO / Real Estate Development, Colorado

I reached out to Ernest for personal brand coaching, and that quickly evolved into Ernest becoming my executive coach. That is when my career pole vaulted to the next level. I was promoted from VP of Marketing and Customer Experience to Executive Vice President and then five months later I was made Chair of the board for another company the same group of shareholders own. All this in the span of ten months working with Ernest.

Steve Whittington / Executive Vice President / Flaman Group of Companies

Ernest’s work with my team on digital transformation, personalization and the customer journey was both informative and inspiring. Whilst planning the agenda, Ernest took the time to understand our current level of expertise and the learning outcomes we wanted to achieve, resulting in many relevant and actionable insights. He really got the team, including our leaders, thinking!

Jacqueline Cox / Director of Strategy and Development / SAIT

I had the honour of working with Ernest in his role as an executive coach. Ernest has a natural and intuitive ability to build rapport and trust which allowed us to make great strides very effectively. His questions and insights were indicative of his ability to take in a flood of information, synthesize it, distill it to its essence and come back with insightful and thought-provoking questions. We moved the needle a LOT in a very short time If you have the opportunity to work with Ernest – I’d urge you to sign up.

Cindy Radu / Partner, Business Transition Services / BDO Canada

With marketing shifting so quickly into the digital realm, I needed to improve my entire team’s knowledge base and enthusiasm to help push Yamaha’s online efforts in the right direction. Ernest developed a customized strategy workshop that addressed not only the team’s knowledge base, but a number of issues where we could improve. Since then we’ve greatly improved our social media messaging, developed a strategy for in-house content production, improved our SEO performance, and optimized our web platforms for better user engagement. From top to bottom, each member of the department is engaged and ready to take on these new challenges. Ernest truly helped shift the thinking of the department.

Bryan Hudgin / National Marketing Manager / Yamaha Canada


Leaders and entrepreneurs I work with want a trusted partner to challenge them, support them, and hold them accountable. What we do is grounded in mindset, execution, and behaviour science.

Mindset. Coaching reveals the conscious and unconscious mental models you use to make decisions, deal with uncertainty, and show up as a leader. Often a small mindset shift can create an exponential impact.

Execution. There are thousands of books on leadership. If that was all it took, you could just buy a book and retire on a beach. Our work requires leaning into discomfort, deep reflection, and practicing extraordinary leadership.

Behaviour. We leverage the science of habit formation and behaviour change to create sustainable growth. Sometimes that means redesigning your immediate environment, using mnemonic triggers, and sometimes… daily check-ins.

Next Steps

I work with 4 to 6 clients per year, by referral and invitation only. There are three levels of one-on-one and group coaching programs for you to choose from.

If you feel ready to explore working together, the next step is to schedule an introductory call to meet each other and see if there is a fit.

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