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How to build an editorial calendar (for a meaningful life)

I’ve been a terrible marketer.

One of the most important elements of building a platform, and creating deep relationships with your community is to create valuable content. Consistently.

Well, I’ve been slacking. I haven’t posted a new article for over 4 months now, and my “publishing anxiety” level finally met my procrastination level.

The problem wasn’t that I had writer’s block, or that I somehow became illiterate since then. The problem was that I didn’t feel confident about my writing, and how that writing would serve my greater purpose.

So, I went back to the cave (newly renovated home office), and dug in. Fuelled by copious amounts of caffeine, lack of sleep and a driving desire to deliver value for my readers and listeners — I came up with a solution. And I’d like share it with you.

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How to Stop Burnout Reduce Stress and Boost Creativity

How to Stop Burnout, Reduce Stress & Boost Creativity

Looming deadlines. Never-ending to do lists. Being creative on-demand. Dealing with constant change as well as an overflowing inbox. This is reality for most marketers and entrepreneurs.

It’s also the cause of burnout, fatigue and anxiety. This is why good ideas die before they see the light of day. Our minds are too busy dealing with these stressors, to muster enough power for creative thought and meaningful action.

I don’t talk about it much, but I often battle anxiety, fear and melancholia even after 8 years of running a pretty successful business. Just two weeks ago, we had another bout.

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how to find your voice authentic brand

How To Find Your Voice, Dare To Be Vulnerable & Live Your Brand

A few months ago, on a Thursday evening, I got a call from a friend. He was part of an organizing committee for a WordPress conference to be held in Calgary that weekend. It turned out one of their morning speakers had to cancel at the last minute and now he was looking for a replacement that would speak on something related to blogging in 2 days time.

And that is how I came to give the most naked and vulnerable talk of my speaking career. In front of about a 100 bloggers, developers and entrepreneurs.

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10 truths personal manifesto what do you stand for

Write Your Manifesto, Find Your Tribe & Fire Up Your Business.

What I’m about to share with you is a powerful exercise. It provides you with clarity in life and business. Some of my e-mail subscribers who were here from the beginning even had their husbands, wives and kids go through it.

This exercise came out of necessity: to clarify who I am, what I stand for and who I work with. I’ve been digging into my brand for over two years now, trying to make it clearer to myself and to those considering working with me. Ideally, we would share similar beliefs and values.

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love marketing strategy

Love As a Marketing Strategy

I work in marketing, and sometimes… I’m ashamed of our industry. If you were to judge the marketing field by the articles and books being produced, consumed and promoted these days you’d think we’re all parasitic wastes of skin.

From oversimplified, vague and useless content like the “Top 5 ways to increase your followers” and “3 things you didn’t know about Kim Kardashian’s ass”, to books on using the latest psychology and neuroscience to manipulate customers into buying MORE STUFF – it’s hard to believe marketing hasn’t been outlawed yet.

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second act making a living making a difference

Second Act: Are You Making a Living Or Making a Difference?

Have you ever heard of the Taiwanese Monkey Trap? It’s a device used to capture monkeys, to make what I imagine is pretty swell monkey stew (maybe also Louisiana-style monkey ribs? I don’t know. </digression>).

Hunters build a box with open wooden slats, and place a banana or a piece of similar sized fruit in it, and make sure it’s clearly visible. They also cut a hole in the box, just big enough for the monkey’s open hand to reach through and grip the bait.
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marketing mind control headline formula

The Science And Psychology Behind Viral Articles In Your Social Feeds

A symphony of psychological triggers orchestrated a chemical soup in your brain and within a split-second signalled the amygdala (part of your brain that performs emotional processing) to sound the alarm in your hypothalamus (brain’s command center). It activated and synchronized your nervous system, muscle fibres and bone structure – finally instructing your finger to click or tap on THIS headline. Only to find this:

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