love marketing strategy

Love As a Marketing Strategy

I work in marketing, and sometimes… I’m ashamed of our industry. If you were to judge the marketing field by the articles and books being produced, consumed and promoted these days you’d think we’re all parasitic wastes of skin.

From oversimplified, vague and useless content like the “Top 5 ways to increase your followers” and “3 things you didn’t know about Kim Kardashian’s ass”, to books on using the latest psychology and neuroscience to manipulate customers into buying MORE STUFF – it’s hard to believe marketing hasn’t been outlawed yet.

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second act making a living making a difference

Second Act: Are You Making a Living Or Making a Difference?

Have you ever heard of the Taiwanese Monkey Trap? It’s a device used to capture monkeys, to make what I imagine is pretty swell monkey stew (maybe also Louisiana-style monkey ribs? I don’t know. </digression>).

Hunters build a box with open wooden slats, and place a banana or a piece of similar sized fruit in it, and make sure it’s clearly visible. They also cut a hole in the box, just big enough for the monkey’s open hand to reach through and grip the bait.
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marketing mind control headline formula

The Science And Psychology Behind Viral Articles In Your Social Feeds

A symphony of psychological triggers orchestrated a chemical soup in your brain and within a split-second signalled the amygdala (part of your brain that performs emotional processing) to sound the alarm in your hypothalamus (brain’s command center). It activated and synchronized your nervous system, muscle fibres and bone structure – finally instructing your finger to click or tap on THIS headline. Only to find this:

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Instagram marketing small business

These 3 Small Businesses Are Rocking Instagram (And How You Can Too)

I’ll admit it… I’m a casual Instagrammer. For me, it’s mostly pictures of Jazz, gym and motorcycles.

However, I’m seeing a really interesting social dynamic developing there, which presents a great opportunity for the right kind of small business to connect with customers and grow their brand.

Aside from running a couple contest campaigns, I haven’t had much of a chance to use it in the marketing mix for most of my clients. So I reached out to a few Instagram rockstars for some tips and advice. I asked why they chose Instagram to be one of their marketing channels; do they consider it to be a success; and what are some techniques they use. Here’s what they said.

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passion project meaningful work 26k

Do you have a passion project? Why NOW is the time to start one.

There will be a time when you’ll think back to this moment and either regret that you didn’t act, or cherish that you did.

I’ve read almost all of Seth Godin’s books. He started losing me a bit right around Linchpin, when he started talking about art and artists, and sharing your art and so on. It sounded hokey and weird, with quotes like this:

“Your art is what you do when no one can tell you exactly how to do it. Your art is the act of taking personal responsibility, challenging the status quo, and changing people.” – Seth Godin

It took me years to understand what Seth was talking about in his books and posts. Creating art? Sharing Art? What does that have to do with anything? Especially in business?

Well, I finally cracked the code, and I’ll share one piece of it here with you. Something we’ll call a passion project.

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Time Space and Stillness for Meaningful Work

9 Ways To Create Time, Space and Stillness For Meaningful Work.

I am fascinated by people who do meaningful work. People who create, share and nurture ideas that move us toward a better future. They somehow operate differently, and I am curious to find out how.

Late last year, I decided to start set up interviews with some of these people I could get access to. Some acquaintances, some authors of interesting articles I came across and some people who came highly recommended — spanning from a communications director for an addictions recovery centre, to a web designer and author, to a lead researcher of a multi-year cancer study. Some patterns started emerging. This is one of them.

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content curation and thought leadership

The Great Content Curation Hoax

If you’ve beaten around the Internets on your lunch break or while ignoring your children and significant other after dinner, chances are you’ve noticed the insane amount of content being shared by everyone. From aunt Denise who tweets about kittens, Greenpeace and Vagisil to your local plumbing shop delighting their “fans” with links about toilet safety and the latest in PVC piping.

Somewhere along the line, marketers were sold on the idea that we must curate. So, now we’re battling the plumbing shop, aunt Denise and millions of other brands and businesses for a piece of your attention by hunting for and sharing an endless stream of links.

But is this really sound advice? Or does curating content make you appear bland and unimaginative?

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