She is my Why [personal post]

We sat on a park bench overlooking a small lake – a slight summer breeze whispering through the trees. By now, she found it hard to walk more than a few minutes, so we would take many rests along the way. This would be one of our last walks together.

We survived war, refugee camps and moved half-way across the world together. She raised me, lifted me every time I stumbled and sacrificed everything for us.

Now we sat silently – hoping to stop time just for a while.

It’s my mom’s birthday today… it would be if she was still with us. In July of last year, she passed away after an eight-month battle with lung cancer. She put up an extraordinary fight all the way until the very final moment.

She was loving, gentle and selfless; deeply dedicated to her family. And I am incredibly proud and happy to have had her in my life for as long as I did.

I only hope to honour her memory by helping others as much as she did.
She is my Why.

Here’s to those who are no longer with us, but forever in our hearts.

– ernest.

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