Leaders Of Change is a podcast for leaders on a mission. We explore unique challenges, ups and downs, and lessons learned.

We share applied research, actionable insights and personal reflections to help you become a transformational leader that helps shape the course of the future.

You will also hear conversations with executives, authors, researchers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who are making a positive impact with their work.

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What Listeners Say

I was searching for morning inspiration and came across this podast – extremely glad I did! Ernest is a very well spoken guy who gives salient advice that can and should be applied to your everyday life. It’s not a bs feel-good only show but rather something of substance.

Every episode presents something new that makes me think, or some new actionable insight to try. I appreciate the variety in interviews with leaders, CEOs, and really interesting (and regular) people.

Ernest is generous in sharing his own journey of discovery, invention and reinvention. As a creative entrepreneur, he’s always learning… and in this podcast he shares a range of ideas, methods and frameworks to help the listener become a better leader, business person, and creator. Always useful and practical.

Someone referenced me to this podcast some time ago and I finally got around to listening to it and I love it! Ernest has a very easy to listen to voice. The content is both informative and motivating. As a person who has left the corporate world to venture out into my own business each podcast gives me more information and support in knowing I was right to follow my heart.