My 7 Days of #DigitalDetox

For most of us, it’s hard to imagine a day without checking Facebook or Twitter, let alone e-mail. To be honest, I have an iPad on my night table and that’s usually the first thing I check in the morning. When I spoke at a marketing conference recently – more then half of the 500 attendees admitted to doing the same thing. Like being in the Matrix, it seems almost impossible to disconnect from the firehose of information available at our fingertips.

Starting today (the day this post is published), I am on a 7 day digital detox. Partially by circumstances, partially by design. Over the next few days I will be taking my motorcycle (Triumph Speed Triple, for the riders in the audience) through interior British Columbia.

Due to my cell provider’s poor coverage – there is no signal as soon as you turn off the main highway – and I intend to stay off the main roadways for a few days. My inner introvert relishes in small towns and campgrounds, and the ability to to drift through taking in the sights, sounds and smells of pine, lakes and campfire.

This has become an annual trip – a few days to reflect and more importantly, realign. Thanks to some great suggestions, these books (some audio, some print) will be joining me as well:

Hey – that’s my way to detox and realign: motorcycle, BC roads, few books and a Moleskine.

How about you? How do you rejuvenate yourself and your work?

If you’re interested in taking a digital detox of your own? Check out this great story by Baratunde Thurston who took 25 days away from the Internet… and survived!

See you in a week,

~ ernest.

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