Here’s to the crazy ones…

Although Steve Jobs passed a few days ago, it took a while for the real impact to sink in for me. I had no personal connection with Steve and didn’t even like Apple products until 2009 when I made the switch.

What made me reflect on his passing is the fact that Steve was a visionary. Without him, who knows what our world would be like today. This is not a light statement. He personally had a significant impact in ALL of our lives. It’s only because of his vision and drive that we have personal computers the way they are today and that we have such wonderful and powerful pieces of technology in our pockets.

Steve is a part of a generation of true trailblazers and innovators that is slowly waning. It makes me wonder who, if anyone, will carry on the torch for the new generations. To lose such a strong and inspiring figure is an immense loss for all of us, an impact that we may not truly comprehend for some years to come.

So, here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels… in hope that we’ll get to see another such visionary rise within our lifetime.

Rest in peace Steve. May your spirit live on forever.

Ernest // @ebarbaric

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