Great marketing happens when you connect with the right people, at the right time, in a genuine way — digital communications have profoundly changed where and how that happens.

I work with motivated entrepreneurs and marketers to evolve their craft and improve marketing performance.

There are many ways we can work together, here are three to start with :)

Mentorship Program, Private Coaching & Strategic Consulting.

Please note, we are now at capacity for consulting,. Next earliest availabilities will open in October 2014.


Mentorship Program

Social Media  Marketing Mentorship
The mentorship program includes six months of unlimited access by e-mail, phone, video conferencing or in-person meetings (depending on your location).

This program is ideal for marketers, brand managers, communications executives and community managers who would benefit from strategic (social media strategy, website improvements, online engagement, etc.) and tactical advice (feedback on content ideas, addressing negative reviews, advertisement critiques, etc.) on an as-needed basis.

Admission (and my bandwidth) is limited, so if there are no openings, there is a first-come, first-served waiting list.

Initially, we will discuss if the program is right for you. If it is, we will assess your current situation, expectations and goals as well as the frequency and style of mentorship desired. Your calls and e-mails will always be returned within agreed upon times. Click HERE to get in touch.


Private Coaching

Social Media Digital Marketing Coaching
If you are looking to focus and fast-track your progress or if there is an urgency to deliver results, you may prefer the highly structured approach with accountability and a set schedule that is offered in this coaching program.

Ideal for entrepreneurs, marketing leaders and community managers, we work together to choose areas of highest priority and create:

  • Detailed action plan with completion dates
  • Specific schedule of follow-ups to discuss progress and accomplishments

The areas we may work on include: setting up or improving your social media presence, content development strategy, reputation management, website improvements, social media engagement, building authority, personal branding, etc. We focus on three or four areas, develop tasks to be accomplished and establish a schedule for completion dates.

Just like the mentorship program, admission is limited, so please click HERE to get in touch.


Strategic Consulting

digital marketing strategy consulting
I work with entrepreneurial organizations ranging from small businesses (Rednik Surf Co, FarmOn Foundation, Music Centre Canada, etc.) to larger organizations (ATCO, Brookfield, Atlific Hotels, etc.) and non-profits (United Way, Economic Development Lethbridge, Viable Calgary, etc.).

Strategic Consulting is ideal for organizations seeking to evolve or improve their marketing and communications. What we do involves transfer of skill and building internal capacity to handle and maintain your own digital marketing and social media efforts. Most of the time we simplify, focus and redistribute your current resources and energies, which often leads to savings in both time and marketing expenses.

I collaborate with clients to develop a marketing strategy, help put it in play and course-correct as rubber meets the road. Some of the areas where I can help include:

  • Digital marketing strategy development
  • Social media strategy and campaign planning
  • Implementation guidance and feedback
  • Sourcing and on-boarding service providers (eg. SEOs, community managers)
  • Social media policy development
  • Creating online brand engagement guidelines
  • Integrating digital and traditional media

Fees and length of engagement depend on your specific objectives and outcomes for the project. Most consulting engagements are usually completed within one to six months. Click HERE to inquire.



Recent Endorsements

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Ernest Barbaric on a coaching basis.

By understanding the theory of communications and brand management as well as the media trends influencing digital media today, Ernest creates a practical learning process that has allowed me to immediately impact changes that maximize efforts and align well with our overall objectives. It has been a refreshing experience that validated my understanding of social media ‘best practices’ within a framework of knowledge sharing and collaboration.

I have gained a greater understanding of effective digital media use in a business environment and would highly recommend Ernest for marketing professionals looking to enhance their overall knowledge in this medium.

— Jaylene Ulmer — Economic Development Lethbridge


The FarmOn Foundation recently completed a Social Media Strategy session with Ernest Barbaric and it was an eye opening experience for our entire team. We had completed years of research before, written marketing plans and executed social media strategies with mixed success.

Simply put, Ernest took us to the next level. The exercises and worksheets that Ernest used with our team really helped us to realize who our target demographic truly is, and we left the session with actionable strategies to engage them. We highly recommend working with Ernest Barbaric.

— Ben Wilson — FarmOn Foundation


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