Winter of our Disconnect: Going Offline

Last Updated: January 18, 2020

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION. Going offline. At least one day a week.

Since RIM sprung the Crackberry on us a few years ago, there’s been a constant and consistent movement to being connected… ALL THE TIME. It’s not uncommon to see people on vacation thumbing mobile phones checking work e-mail, paying half attention at lunch with a client or even while having dinner with family. I’m guilty of this myself… I actually rebuilt the Ernest Media website while on vacation in a cabin on Christina Lake last year, using a tethered connection from my iPhone.

With speedy 3G in full swing and 4G on the way, it’s easy to see how our working environment will evolve over the next short while. We have already entered an age of digital nomads (another digital marketing trends I will be covering in the upcoming e-book). Connected all the time, able to work from anywhere (including places they really shouldn’t be working from).

So… I think it’s a good time to try an experiment. I will be going completely offline at least one day per week. It may be odd for someone like myself (living and breathing digital marketing) to advocate going offline, but I feel it will provide an opportunity to slow down a bit and regain focus. I think most of us don’t see the forest for the trees anymore.

Here are some others who attempted offline living:

BBC Reporter pulls the plug for 72 hours.

UK Student goes offline for a week.

Do you think you could cut the wireless cord for a week?