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“For a few months, I felt stuck. I wasn’t sure where to go with my business, my writing, and my work. And time was ticking away. In the weeks leading up to the creation of Project (un)stuck, most people I spoke to online, or over coffee seemed to be in a similar space.”

WE ALL GET STUCK. In endless analysis paralysis, choice overload, thinking about which direction to follow. Stuck in resentment. Stuck in a plan that’s not working. Stuck in an unsupportive social circle.

When we’re stuck, problems can feel unsolvable, life can seem difficult, everything can go “off track”. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be so.

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how to get unstuck

This is a curriculum I developed for myself, and shared with over 200 other professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives all over the world – from Hong Kong to Cape Town. It is now available as a self-study pay-what-you-want program.


So, what is Project Unstuck?

“In 2015, I felt like I had to do a massive re-evaluation of everything. From who “my people” are, to what I’m doing with my time. I felt like I was in a rut that was impossible to climb out of.” And if you are here — you may be feeling the same way.

Well, there are many ways out of a rut. This is one.

I built a curriculum for myself, and then decided to share the whole journey publicly. For all to go through. If you’ve heard of Seth Godin’s Kryptonite College, this would be somewhat similar to that.

how to get out of a rut

There is assigned reading. There is homework. And here’s what the program looks like:
1) Deconstruction – You’ll break your life apart into as granular pieces as you can (activities, what you like, don’t like, wants, needs, constraints, etc), in order to get a clean look at your present situation.

2) How others see you – Sometimes the way we see ourselves is completely different from the way we show up to those around us – partners, clients, employers, and spouses. This exercise will reveal things about you that you may have never noticed.

3) Energy Journal – This exercise documents a week’s worth of energy “ticks” – mapping what lifts you up, and brings you down. It provides you with more data points to find what may be keeping you stuck, and where you should invest your efforts.

4) Finding your tribe – It’s important to know who your tribe is. Who are the people that get you. One of the major reasons entrepreneurs hire business coaches is because they don’t have anyone in their circles to bounce ideas off of. Unfortunately, it’s very common to not be connected with “your people”.

5) Eliminate, Delegate, or Minimize – taking everything you’ve discovered so far, we take a hard look at what you should do less of, more of, and what kind of constraints you are working with. Then we’ll think through how to design a life within those parameters.

6) Legacy – How will your work define you while you are alive, and what kind of legacy will you leave behind. This exercise creates clarity on what we should focus on and dedicate our time to.

7) The ONE Thing – Nothing happens until something happens. Action trumps all else. This exercise will drill down into one thing you will take action on as a result of this process. This is often the incredibly important very first step in a new direction.

By the time you are reading this, we have already had over 200 people complete the course. All our homeworks, assignments and insights have been collected and will be shared with you as a self-study pay-what-you-want program.

If you feel like you need to get out of a rut
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Who is this for?

This project isn’t meant to reveal your life purpose and shower you with unicorns — but rather get all of us one step forward in the right direction.

stuck creative entrepreneur

I shared this with people in-person and over social media — and most of my peers tend to be in the entrepreneurial or marketing space.

But that is not a requirement. Maybe you are considering making a career change, or even going back to having a job after being an entrepreneur, or maybe the other way around… starting a business after slogging it out in the corporate world for a few years. It doesn’t matter.

People who take this program come from all sorts of backgrounds, from graphic designers and yoga instructors to accountants and very successful entrepreneurs.

If you feel stuck, and you feel like you’re not done yet, or that you have something to contribute to the society. This is for you.


Timing and Additional Details

The course will likely open again in the fall of 2017.

All of the exercises and readings have been carefully selected from hundreds of books and articles. They include elements from industrial design, performance psychology, and business coaching.

You will receive a new e-mail every Sunday at 9AM Mountain Time. Some readings may take a few minutes, and some assignments may take a few hours to complete.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to inconsequentiality, I invite you to join over 200 professionals from all over the world!

We are all in this together.


Why Pay-What-You-Want

When I was looking for resources, I came across a few crappy self-help articles that delivered zero value. I also found some courses being sold for several hundred or even thousand dollars.

This course is FREE. If you find some value in it, you can pay what you want. That’s it. No tricks, no gimmicks.

Your e-mail will stay private, and 100% spam free. You may get an occasional article, if I think it’s worth your time.

Let’s get (un)stuck together :)

– ernest.

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