Top 10 Social Media Tools & Tips

Last Updated: January 18, 2020

Top 10 Social Media Tools and Tips

In the last episode of The Uncut Marketing Podcast of this year, Kevin and I go over the Top 10 Tools and Tips for social media and digital marketing from 2011. These include reputation monitoring, online collaboration tools and ideas and insights about social media strategy and much much more. Have a listen:



Here are the sites and tips from the podcast:

Mindomo – Online brainstorming and mind mapping.
Mockflow – Wireframe and mock up full and mobile websites.
Sysomos Heartbeat – Awesome brand and reputation monitoring tool.
Minigroup – Private, secure group collaboration and sharing.
FollowerWonk – Find new connections, analyze or compare Twitter accounts.

Also make sure to check out for some great belly laughs and tears of joy. My favorite list so far is the November 2011.


Ernest // @ebarbaric
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