Social Media Strategy – Presentation

Last Updated: January 18, 2020

I had the pleasure of participating in a great conference in Calgary put on by the good people at Acuity Forums, called “Executing Social Media”. Topic of the talk was: Art of Social Media: Strategy and Implementation and we went through what I believe are key stages in building a successful social media marketing campaign. Hashtag for the conference is: #acuitysm if you’d like to search it on Twitter.

The presentation itself is embedded below and the key takeaways are:

  • It’s more important WHO you talk to, rather then HOW MANY you talk to.
  • Always consider talking to your network’s network when you craft a message or a campaign.
  • Location based computing is well on its way and will likely dramatically change the landscape of search and proximity marketing.

When planning a social media campaign strategy, use these steps:

  1. People – Define out WHO you’re taking to. Build a markting persona.
  2. Objectives – Have realistic, achievable objectives, which you can measure against later.
  3. Core Idea – build your campaign around a single, simple core idea. Disjointed doesn’t win.
  4. Engage – Compelling messages are those that involve people. Ask for opinions, offer advice, have a REAL conversation.
  5. Refine – When things aren’t going your way, look at objectives, personas and how you’re engaging.