Social Media Expert on a Client Interview

Last Updated: January 18, 2020

Good morning! Right now it’s Friday morning on April 15th guess what? I’d like to get your day started off right with a commentary about the social media industry. So… enjoy the Social Media expert video interview below. [Keep in mind, this one might be PG13]


Now that you’ve seen that and hopefully had a chuckle or two, I would like to raise a real concern. Right now, in our industry, there are more experts then you can shake a stick at. From folks who created one business page on Facebook and are now proclaiming their guruship, to folks who made a lateral move from a random industry by reading one or two e-books (or real books in some cases) and are now providing dodgy advice to clients with no real foundation to base an opinion on. They can tell you that you need to be on Twitter, but can’t explain WHY, for example.

Although I certainly see room for that level of help, it would be much more fitting at an implementation level. Having someone open and set up a Twitter account or a Facebook business page, for example. However, when it comes to providing strategic advice that will impact the way a business runs or interacts with its customers, then we’re swimming in murky waters having the blind lead the blind, as they say.