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Social Media Podcast

A long time in the works, we finally have the first episode of the Kevin & Ernest Show produced and ready to go! In this pilot episode, join us as we discuss value of Social CRM, recent changes to the Klout algorithm and what that means for you. We also chat about the value of sponsored tweets and they mean for each of us as more brands start getting into the social space.

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Ernest // @ebarbaric
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Ernest Barbaric is a professional keynote speaker and social media consultant. He helps clients engage customers, reach new markets, launch products and transition into digital marketing. Sounds interesting? Get in touch today.

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7 thoughts on “Social CRM, Klout and Sponsored Tweets – Uncut Marketing Podcast”

    • Thanks Dan! Really appreciate the comment and kind words. These will certainly get better as Kevin gets less awkward (hahaha). We’re in the process of figuring out a proper name, so the entire show should be relaunched sometime in the next few weeks.

      • I’d love to be on an episode with you guys sometime.

        For an audio only show, distributing the show as a .m4a file and not a .mp3 is a little odd. This wouldn’t play in my old school MP3 player I use when on the treadmill.

      • Thanks for the offer, we’ll have to arrange that sometime! And good to know about the format. I used M4A bevause it carries the podcast data, but I think Feedburner handles that. We’ll try MP3 for the next one.

  1. Congrats on the first podcast, you are a natural Ernest. Great choice of topics as well. I’d love to hear one on how you feel social media is affecting SEO.



    • Thank you Calin! We’re both excited about making these better and better with every episode. Great thing about doing these with Kevin is that he brings a different perspective and would solve the same problem in a different way, which gives us good fodder for dialogue.

      Really appreciate the topic suggestion as well!

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