Smart Social Media Strategy Insights from Old Spice

Last Updated: January 18, 2020

So not only do they bring us the awesome Spice Man with the epic “I’m on a horse” line, but Old Spice has now upped the stakes of awesomeness with the campaign extension where Isaiah Mustafa (the Old Spice Guy) is answering his tweets with YouTube Videos.

Here’s a quick example of a reply to Ellen’s tweet. And click here for an even better, more hilarious Anonymous reply!!!

You can check out this great interview that discusses how the “I’m on a horse” video was actually make. You will be surprised!!!

That aside, it’s such a brilliant marketing play that I take my hat, shirt, and shoes off to the marketing geniuses who brought this to the world. So… nudity aside, what can we learn from this:

Using multiple platforms – Old Spice used YouTube to answer Twitter questions. Clever. And unexpected. It also brought their audiences to different networks thereby expanding each channel’s reach.

Having a well-planned campaign nucleus – The soul of this campaign is, no question, Isaiah and his vernacular. The whole campaign (and whatever tools they decide to use such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube… whatever) orbits around his persona. I believe in having one core, one nucleus, one message with any campaign. It simplifies delivery and provides continuity.

Power of surprise – How many times have tweets been answered by YouTube videos? Especially by a guy who IS the campaign. Just having him answer tweets such as what is the meaning of life, has buzzed up a storm in the Twitter-sphere and is catapulting their social media presence with explosive growth!! UPDATE: Over 15,000 followers in just under 4 hours on the first day of this stint.

Enjoy and have a hope you learned something… if nothing else then at least how to smell like a man.