Review and Summary of The Art of Marketing Calgary

A fantastic event today, put on by the good people at the Art of Productions. I thought I would summarize some key points from today’s speakers:

Chip Heath

  • You can effect change by providing direction + motivation + clear path.
  • Study the bright spots! Sometimes the quickest path to change is studying what went right, and cloning the process to produce similar results.
  • In a battle of emotional identity vs logical consequences, emotion wins. Look to motivate change through the emotional trigger. Think of it as “How we want to see ourselves”
  • To change behaviour, consider changing the environment and simplifying the procedure you wish people to follow.

Sally Hogshead

  • There are seven triggers we use to fascinate people: Lust, Mystique, Alarm, Prestige, Power, Vice and Trust
  • Check your own inate triggers at this F-Score page:
  • My results were: Primary: Power, Secondary: Vice, Dormant: Trust
  • Create messages for your network’s network

Mitch Joel

  • Devices are untethering. Internet will be as pervasive in our lives as electricity is.
  • Rather then looking at how much (visitors, followers, fans) look at WHO you’re interacting with.
  • Language we use in how we describe things is very important.
  • Negative reviews actually garner more sales then positive ones! Go figure.
  • When looking at social media as a channel: check and see if you’re broadcasting… or engaging.
  • Check out this great video about effecting change: (59 MILLION views!!!)

Gary Vaynerchuck

  • In between F-bombs, A-Holes and select other curse words…
  • You can NOT buy your way into relationships and friendships. It takes time, honesty and open communication.
  • There are significant culture shifts happening now in the way we communicate, live and make decisions.
  • Facebook Credits are coming, and Gary believes they will be a major game changer
  • Transparency is key. And you don’t have a choice about being transparent.

Max Lenderman

  • Event marketing is only second to digital marketing in terms of growth
  • Creating branded experiences is more likely to stick in the customer’s minds
  • Experiences can’t be falsified.
  • Pop-up stores are becoming a new way of engaging customers
  • Do Good Things. You can’t assign an ROI to it, but you can make a positive change in the world, which is worth many ROIs over.

You can check out the tweets from the conference under #TAOM.

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3 thoughts on “Review and Summary of The Art of Marketing Calgary”

  1. It was a good event, nice venue, fast service – overall good day. I am a big Mitch Joel fan so I was happy to see him in person, and Gary Vaynerchuk always entertains – some people can get away with cursing, and I think he pulled it off yesterday as the crowd really responded to him.

    Good quality speakers – all packed into one day!

  2. Great summary. All the speakers had valuable input. I think one of the best components to this was Gary Vanyerchucks’ tie in that social media allows us to care more about our clients and customers. After all, relationship selling will never die.

  3. Ernest, thanks for the summary and link to Sally’s test. Nice treat for those of us who missed the Art of Marketing. My triggers are:

    Primary: Prestige
    Secondary: Lust
    Dormant: Alarm

    The key words make me feel like a sinner but Sally’s definitions define the words in a new way for me.

    Brett Gilmour
    Gilmour Photography

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