Review and Summary of The Art of Marketing Calgary

Last Updated: January 18, 2020

A fantastic event today, put on by the good people at the Art of Productions. I thought I would summarize some key points from today’s speakers:

Chip Heath

  • You can effect change by providing direction + motivation + clear path.
  • Study the bright spots! Sometimes the quickest path to change is studying what went right, and cloning the process to produce similar results.
  • In a battle of emotional identity vs logical consequences, emotion wins. Look to motivate change through the emotional trigger. Think of it as “How we want to see ourselves”
  • To change behaviour, consider changing the environment and simplifying the procedure you wish people to follow.

Sally Hogshead

  • There are seven triggers we use to fascinate people: Lust, Mystique, Alarm, Prestige, Power, Vice and Trust
  • Check your own inate triggers at this F-Score page:
  • My results were: Primary: Power, Secondary: Vice, Dormant: Trust
  • Create messages for your network’s network

Mitch Joel

  • Devices are untethering. Internet will be as pervasive in our lives as electricity is.
  • Rather then looking at how much (visitors, followers, fans) look at WHO you’re interacting with.
  • Language we use in how we describe things is very important.
  • Negative reviews actually garner more sales then positive ones! Go figure.
  • When looking at social media as a channel: check and see if you’re broadcasting… or engaging.
  • Check out this great video about effecting change: (59 MILLION views!!!)

Gary Vaynerchuck

  • In between F-bombs, A-Holes and select other curse words…
  • You can NOT buy your way into relationships and friendships. It takes time, honesty and open communication.
  • There are significant culture shifts happening now in the way we communicate, live and make decisions.
  • Facebook Credits are coming, and Gary believes they will be a major game changer
  • Transparency is key. And you don’t have a choice about being transparent.

Max Lenderman

  • Event marketing is only second to digital marketing in terms of growth
  • Creating branded experiences is more likely to stick in the customer’s minds
  • Experiences can’t be falsified.
  • Pop-up stores are becoming a new way of engaging customers
  • Do Good Things. You can’t assign an ROI to it, but you can make a positive change in the world, which is worth many ROIs over.

You can check out the tweets from the conference under #TAOM.