Remote Design by a Calgary Interior Designer

Last Updated: January 18, 2020

The story I’ll share with you below isn’t one of immediately-marketing nature, but rather one of innovation and step away from the traditional way of doing things.

I’ve been on a “stuff-cleanse” recently, working towards simplifying my business and personal life. Of course, when it comes to doing such a cleanse in the office space, it often includes a complete re-envision of the working environment so the renewed space is conducive to creative thinking.

With the recent interest in Feng Shui and my long-standing interest in Zen and simplicity in general, first thing was to remove everything, strip the entire room down and then slowly start bringing new pieces in. With the intention of simplifying and beautifying things, I actually ended up with more pieces of furniture in the room then there were, to begin with. So now, although there were more room and things seemed better organized, I looked around and noticed  I was left with old, neutral wall-paint and shelf-mounting holes all over the place. Of course, this immediately warranted new paint and yet another push towards removing things from the space.

Then I got stuck.

I just couldn’t see what colors would work and how to best place the remaining pieces of furniture. By circumstance, I’ve been in touch with a great Calgary based Interior Designer. Trying to arrange our schedules proved to be quite a feat. Then, she suggested Skype. Now, this is the first time I heard of an interior designer working by Skype and being a tech-junkie, it made immediate sense so we arranged to connect on Skype one afternoon.

Within minutes of our call and me walking around the space, laptop-in-hand, she was able to pick out tones, hues and colors to use for paint, furniture pieces to look for and how to arrange them. Ideas that I would have otherwise never thought of on my own. She was able to tie together pieces of my personality, interests, Fen Shui and practical use of the space (writing, creative thinking, some video work) into one cohesive piece. Truly amazing, especially for working through Skype.

While I can’t tell you that renos have been finished, they are underway and I will be posting images for those interested. However, if you are looking for help with your own office or home I would strongly suggest considering a consultation by Tasleem from Mango Tango Interiors.

This is one local business that stands out from the rest and just the Skype consult alone is worth the call.