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Last Updated: January 18, 2020

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Well… the Kevin & Ernest Show is no more. We came up with a new name and are launching it with this episode. Introducing the [drumroll…] The Uncut Marketing Podcast, where we’ll share ideas and insights about the digital marketing and social media industry.

In this episode, we touch on a question about personal branding asked on Twitter by VinceFowler. So have a listen below:m


Couple of the links we mentioned in the show are listed below:

Maeghan Smulders – Truly excellent example of personal branding. This MRU graduate took her future in her hands and is making it happen! Be sure to check out her blog and website.

Seo-Browser – As suggested by Kevin, you can use this excellent resource to dig deep into the SEO aspects of your website, including how Google sees your site, who is liking to you and much much more.

I would love to hear your opinions about personal branding, so don’t be shy… shoot me a tweet or post a comment below!


Ernest // @ebarbaric
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