Peanut Butter Manifesto: Are you spreadable?

Last Updated: January 18, 2020

Viral Marketing - Social Media

Success in social media depends on a boatload of factors… one of which is the spreadability of your content. So, make like peanut butter and reach more of your ideal audiences by following the three principles below:

Aim for your network’s network

First principle to consider when it comes to spreadability: Would YOU share the article / update you just wrote with YOUR friends (or tech savvy grandma Agnes)? Does it bring any value to your followers / readers or are you just going through the motions? Creating something worth sharing takes time, insight and effort. To do this successfully, a brand must understand who they are, what they stand for and who they connect with. Your tone and style of writing will naturally vibe with a certain type of audience. Are you comfortable with who your readers / followers are? Are you writing for the RIGHT audience?


Understand the Mechanics of Social Media

Each platform has its own set of unique characteristics. Facebook, for example, has the Like and Share button, which is activated when an image, link or video is attached to a status update. Twitter has retweet, which you can use effectively by creating an update that is about 100 characters in length, so when others RT it, your original message remains intact. YouTube has playlists, Flickr has groups and favourites… and so on. Study your intended channel and look for ways content is shared and spread… unless you are Rebecca Black… in which case you can tell us exactly how to get over 400,000 dislikes in 7 days.



I’ve been a fan of Mitch Joel’s blog for a while and find his articles very insightful and interesting. I also noticed that Mitch involves his readership by asking questions. Most of his articles conclude by asking the readers what they thought about the topic. Aside from the fact that Mitch is a thought leader in this space, this simple act of asking certainly helps encourage engagement. Next time, just before you hit the post button, consider asking a question of your audience? Not only is it engaging, but also helps to spread your content.


Creating spreadability is a function of creating content for the right audience, understanding the intricacies of each channel and encouraging engagement. One company i often reference as a shining star of social media is Target. I believe they understand who they are, what they’re about and who they connect with. Their Facebook page currently has over 5.2 MILLION members. They consistently give away valuable content, share interesting links and engage their audience by asking questions. Recently pronounced “Social Media Champs” by Fortune magazine, getting to this level took planning, time and consistent effort and anyone can follow that path. So, let’s get to work!


[plus1]ALSO, every time someone reads this article and doesn’t click the +1 or the retweet button the right, a unicorn dies. You don’t want to be a unicorn killer… do you? (see… that was a question)


Thanks for reading!


Ernest // @ebarbaric