OfficeMax gets Viral Marketing – Elf Yourself

Last Updated: January 18, 2020

REMEMBER ELF YOURSELF? If you don’t… go to this link RIGHT NOW: It will provide you and your office with hours upon hours of wasted productivity and entertainment.

Now, aside from asking you to visit random websites, there is a reason why. Some of you may have heard about a recent phenomenon by the name of FLASHMOBS. To translate… it’s when a group of people organizes themselves, generally by using social media, to gather at a certain public space at the same time and do… something. It could be a dance, a play or a comedy sketch.

They can be set up to raise awareness, market something or just freak people out. Just as quickly as everyone appears… they disappear once it’s done. Generally, most of the people showing up don’t know each other. However, savvy marketing and advertising wizards have been able to tap into this phenomenon and use it to trigger a viral spread.

Most flashmob events get captured either by a what-the-hell bystander or an event organizer. OfficeMax, or their agency, put this great event together and posted the video to YouTube. It was posted on November 13th, 2009 and has already been re-posted a number of times, with the original video being viewed over 180,000 times within a matter of 10 days.

Their message was simple… be entertained and go Elf Yourself… which is an excellent tool built for OfficeMax.