Non Profit Social Media Interview: St Mary University College

Last Updated: January 18, 2020

For a few years now I’ve been volunteering at a local organization called Momentum. This organization struck a chord with me because I went through similar things as the people they help (Immigration, Settling in, Learning about finances, Learning about business and Eventually starting one). During those few years, I helped teach a marketing component to the self-employment students.

We also created a social media course which was delivered over  5 weeks, out of which came out a very capable group of students.

Since then, I developed more of an interest in helping these organizations on a strategic level and spoke to a few leaders, CEOs and Directors. The non-profit sector faces similar challenges regardless of focus and those are fundraising, talent attraction and staying relevant. This series of podcasts will provide you with a glimpse into the non-profit world and hopefully give you some ideas to implement in your own organization.