Is your sales team ready for interactive marketing

Last Updated: January 16, 2020

Having worked in radio for a couple of years as an Interactive Account Manager, I had a chance to work with a team of salespeople. Now, I was fortunate enough to work with some of the best salespeople in town, however… there were still hiccups.

Interactive marketing started gaining momentum like a runaway train and you could see the drips of commission saliva all around the sales pit.

As a great new medium to make money on top of regular sales, it was a blessing for some of the more technologically inclined. Most of the time we would go on calls together in order to show the client some of the great new toys we had available online (this is where I did the dancing bear routine) and pitch for interactive business along with a radio buy.

Since these were world class sales people, they would close deals left, right and center… and what started happening is that I would get orders on my desk to the tune of ‘make something work for $1000 per month for this client’. Due to the budgets, volume and pace, there was not much to discuss.

With this kind of haphazard campaigns running, we ran into a few issues with clients asking for campaign data, the reasoning behind the idea and so on. Needless to say, it was firefighter time and off we went to defend these ideas and campaigns.

A bit backward don’t you think?

Taking that experience and adding a few years of working directly with clients as a consultant and project manager, I put together a great little Interactive Workshop for Radio Sales Teams. It covers most of the ad units available, loyalty clubs and mobile marketing. We go through a few great examples from Canada and US to spark some ideas and then conclude with an exercise using one of their current clients. It’s a great way for your sales team to spend an afternoon and come back tomorrow with a new take on business and helping their clients.