How to build a digital marketing team [infographic]

Last Updated: January 18, 2020

How to build a digital marketing team

In five years from now your marketing team will be obsolete. Technology is evolving rapidly and in its wake altering communication behaviours and demands and your organization has to be agile and responsive like never before. Traditional marketing roles favoured specialization and seclusion. They are already having a hard time fitting in with the new social and digital landscape. It’s time for your organization to evolve, and here’s how. [infographic]

Let’s start by looking at some of the responsibilities of a modern marketing team:

  • Developing an integrated marketing strategy
  • Managing traditional media buys
  • Setting up and interpreting metrics and analytics
  • Website development and maintenance
  • Direct stakeholder engagement through social channels
  • Brand monitoring and online reputation management
  • Content creation (online video, podcasts, articles, posts)
  • Community management
  • Crisis management and communications
  • Search Engine Optimization

This list will grow, shrink, change and evolve with the times. Your challenge is to either upgrade or build a marketing team that can respond to changing demands. This team has to be cohesive and agile. No more silos. No more “we do PR” versus “we build websites”. Your goal now is to create a seamless brand experience across multiple platforms both on and offline.

I’d like to introduce you to the four main characters of a solid, modern marketing team:

The Captain

You can blame them when Twitter doesn’t work or when your latest campaign doesn’t quite go viral…  but their real value is in aligning the troops and setting an integrated marketing strategy. They act as cannon fodder between the marketing team members and folks in the leather chairs.

With that power, comes the responsibility of setting up the appropriate metrics for your efforts — and even more importantly interpreting analytics data and adjusting strategy according to the results.

Since companies have been sunk by tweets, The Captain will also to set up a crisis management plan. They’ll act as the first level of escalation before passing things onto the leadership team and they’ll coordinate PR rescue efforts if things go overboard.

HIRING TIP: Do they walk the talk? What does their personal digital presence look like?

The Steward

Talk about skin in the game… The Steward acts as your community manager. They keep a finger on the pulse of your brand and directly engage with customers and stakeholders on social and digital channels. They are the people behind every good Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest (…and whatever may come) account.

They patrol the internets and personally witness what people REALLY say about your organization, and are often the first line of defence when it comes to reputation management as well as online customer service. Expert in Aikido and hand-to-hand combat — The Steward can turn an irate customer into a raving fan (and should be empowered to do so).

Because of their daily and frequent interaction with stakeholders, they’ll often find new content, marketing and even organizational opportunities – which you should take seriously if you want to survive in the modern marketing environment.  So buy them a Starbucks gift card once in a while…

HIRING TIP: What online communities do they participate in? Is the tone of their online presence similar to what you’d like yours to be?

The Geek

They code apps and dominate at Minecraft in their free time. Usually a bit pale and sporting Linux t-shirts — The Geek is the technical cornerstone of your marketing team. Their responsibilities include web development and setting up analytics software  as well as cutting and producing videos, editing photos and making sure your WordPress installation is updated and secure.

Naturally inclined towards the leading edge of the adoption curve, The Geek knew what a phablet was before you knew you needed one. So, listen to them – they are likely to help you leapfrog your industry in the most innovative ways.

Provided good equipment and software, they will often act as a backbone for content production. Indulge their natural talents and set them loose on all things tech.

HIRING TIP: How quickly can they change the SEO title on your homepage? What software would they use to export a video to YouTube? (iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Compressor or Premiere Pro are all good answers)

The Scribe

A modern marketing team needs to produce content. That is a fact. It’s also a fact that many marketing professionals are pretty terrible at it. And this is where The Scribe comes to the rescue. They are naturally inquisitive, have journalistic DNA coursing through their veins and the writing chops to back it up.

They will research content opportunities and act as a media arm of your organization. Your content won’t be the self-gratuitous slop you so often see on business and non-profit websites. Instead, it will be the fine work of a community journalist, researcher and writer. The Scribe will make sure your organization is seen as a thought leader.

Lay the content strategy out and watch them work their magic. They will independently go out and interview your customers, stakeholders, funders, investors and industry leaders and spin a great yarn of a story (in any media – video, audio and/or text). Your community will love you for it.

HIRING TIP: Ask for a sample of their writing. Ask them to interview you in 5 to 10 minutes, on video. What kind of questions do they ask? How comfortable do you feel answering them?

Your organization is facing evolving communication demands – it’s time to meet them by building a modern marketing team that can respond effectively, or risk getting left in the dust.

Your move.

Please feel free to share and use the infographic below in your presentations or articles. It’s free for you to use – I’d just appreciate a linky back to this article :)

How to build a digital marketing team