How One Chamber of Commerce Leverages Social Media

Last Updated: January 18, 2020

Great News! We’re  now on iTunes! You can find and subscribe to the podcast here. The Real Deal is a new Bi-Weekly podcast on Social Media Strategy and Marketing Trends. Now that I tooted my own horn, let’s toot someone else’s:

Last week, I had a chance to connect with Chris Koene who is a VP at Diamond Valley Chamber of Commerce. We chatted about their challenges, innovative ways to use digital marketing tools to lower costs and foster a community as well as one of their pilot projects which is branching into a form of social enterprise.

Chris is a very energetic, well spoken, young man, who at the ripe age of 19 already held management positions and was well on his way to building an impressive business acumen. He currently runs a business consulting practice, Koene Consulting.

Our conversation focused around his role at the Chamber of Commerce and we touched on some of the great ideas they are developing. Click below to listen or subscribe to The Real Deal podcast on iTunes.