2010 Digital Trends: Age of the App

Last Updated: January 18, 2020

eme]FORGET ADS, we live in Age of the App now. Smart mobile devices with internet access are a communication norm. Most businesspeople and certainly a vast majority of youth are connected… all the time.

No longer just a phone, new generation of digital devices brings a powerful suite of capabilities which seem to be increasing by the hour. It is now entirely possible to use your phone as a video camera, blogging device, e-book reader, budgeting device and a gaming platform all in one.

Mobile marketing has rapidly evolved from SMS campaigns to fully featured application development for a true brand experience.

Although app downloaders currently skew slightly younger, developers have been busy creating business and productivity applications aimed at your regular businessperson, thus expanding the reach and breaking new ground for what is likely to be the next ‘it’ thing (it already is, but will be moving into the fatter part of the bell curve as you’re reading this)

Recently launched, Pizza Hut’s popular app has been downloaded over 100,000 times in its first two weeks of going live. Their strategy combined a valuable offer (20% off with iPhone orders), convenience (order from your phone) and smart targeting to create a wildly successful marketing tool. By placing an actually useful application into the hands (literally) of their consumers, Pizza Hut has leveraged this new medium to their advantage better then most.

Consider how your product or service could be transformed into a useful, well-designed brand extension in the hands of your consumers and get ready for the Age of the App.