Dairy Queen does Integrated Marketing

Last Updated: January 18, 2020

What Dairy Queen is doing with their most recent marketing campaign is a wet dream for most of us in the marketing field. They’ve managed to tie several components together, which span very different touchpoints, creating a truly integrated marketing campaign with longetivity, creativity and real engagement.

Before we get to the specifics, I wanted to share an idea with you. I wrote about sensory marketing for a different blog before and more research has singe sprung up regarding how we store information in our brains. It’s evident that we have a much higher rate of retention if more of our senses are engaged. Now, let’s think about that for a minute… most marketing is limited to two senses: visual and auditory. Think newspaper, TV, radio, magazines, even most of social media campaigns today.

If someone were to ask you to engage four or five senses within a marketing campaign… how would you do it?

As you ponder that question, I’d like to get back to Dairy Queen and explore how they’ve managed to tie in different senses and touchpoints. It all started with TV commercials which featured the Blizzmans, an average family in what I would call Anytown (Ambiguity can be important when your Brand has international reach). Commercials were mildly funny and memorable. Now… since DQ is celebrating their 25th birthday this year, it was a perfect opportunity to do something different. Naturally, next step was to introduce a DQ Tour within these commercials.

With the launch of these commercials, DQ actually built a tour bus that took off on a massive Canadian and American tour. Updates in regards to location and events are being posted to DQ’s Facebook page and on their website.

Following each stop on the tour, pictures are posted to their Facebook page, included on the website and tweeted out, bringing things to a full circle and providing longevity to the campaign. I believe this approach creates an immersive experience that truly engages their audience. If we think back to the senses question… you now have visual, auditory, tactile (touch) and taste (well I guess smell as well, if you count the truck engine?) as part of the mix.

It’s a very powerful approach to bring different channels together in a cohesive, integrated marketing campaign. Not only is the tour bus attracting masses of Blizzard lovers, but also a fair deal of media attention, with little to no dedicated PR. It’s the buzz of the campaign that’s been driving the media interest.

This approach is further validated by the insane success of the Old Spice campaign, which punched mediocrity in the face when they decided to create personalized video replies to the newly formed army of followers (I actually watched the account the day of the campaign, and it went from about 3000 followers to over 80,000 within a matter of a couple of hours). They used multiple platforms and touchpoints to create true engagement. However, that horse has been beaten to death, resuscitated and then beaten again, so I’ll leave it alone.

So, what are some takeaways to ponder on? Well, look at your marketing right now. Are you using individual pieces independently (radio campaign that is not at all connected with your newspaper ads)? Is your company spending marketing dollars on a vague, long-standing effort, rather than a focused series of campaigns?

If so, consider pulling it all back together, simplifying things, and thinking of how you would engage those other touchpoints. Here’s a kickstarter question: How would somebody TOUCH your brand?