Digital Marketing Consulting

If you need to improve your digital marketing performance or build a strong online presence for your business, I can help. I work with organizations and entrepreneurs to generate quality inbound traffic, improve conversions, and simplify marketing systems.

Clients I work with focus on organic, sustainable growth and building deep relationships with their customers.

I don’t operate as an agency, no work is outsourced overseas, and there are no retainers. I work with a handful of amazing clients every year, and most consulting is project-based.

Here are some ways we can work together:

1. Digital Performance Analysis

If you are coming up short – not getting conversions, not generating traffic or leads – this solution is for you. We’ll analyze your current digital presence (Website, SEO, UX, content, social media, paid advertising, and analytics data) to find opportunities and performance gaps.

We’ll work together to identify short-term goals (3 – 12 months) and uncover the areas of highest potential ROI. You will receive a detailed summary that includes findings, supporting data, and specific action items to help you reach your goals.

2. Content Marketing

Content is the most powerful element of inbound marketing. It levels the playing field so you can compete with industry stalwarts. I will work with you to develop a strong content marketing plan that includes content idea frameworks, ideal channel selection, style guides, and editorial calendars.

These will help you gain brand authority, new business opportunities, and higher quality clients.

3. Digital Marketing Strategy

Evolve your online presence with a customized digital marketing strategy. We start with a thorough assessment that analyzes your digital footprint. Then, we’ll work together to establish your core business objectives, and use those to design a strategic plan that includes: comprehensive audience profiles, strategic key performance indicators, content marketing frameworks, and your ideal marketing channel mix.

If you have something different in mind, let’s discuss it. I have helped launch several startups and conferences, produced top rated podcasts in the non-profit and management industries, and I always like to keep unique opportunities on my radar.

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“With marketing shifting so quickly into the digital realm, I needed to improve my entire team’s knowledge base and enthusiasm to help push Yamaha’s online efforts in the right direction. Ernest developed a customized strategy workshop that addressed not only the team’s knowledge base, but a number of issues where we could improve. Since then we’ve greatly improved our social media messaging, developed a strategy for in-house content production, improved our SEO performance, and optimized our web platforms for better user engagement. From top to bottom, each member of the department is engaged and ready to take on these new challenges. Ernest truly helped shift the thinking of the department, even while battling the flu!”

– Bryan Hudgin, Yamaha Motor Canada


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“The Canadian Marketing Association has retained Ernest as both a marketing course content developer and an instructor in our certificate program for three plus years. His passion for life-long learning and his deep knowledge of digital strategy and marketing are reflected in the high quality of the content he develops and the high satisfaction ratings he receives from our students. Within 24 months, our registrations in our Digital Marketing Certificate course increased by 140% and our revenue increased by 51%, despite a reduction in course fees. Ernest consistently goes beyond the scope of whatever project he has worked on with us to deliver added value and exceptional customer service.”

– Gabriele Janes, Canadian Marketing Association


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“After a successful social media launch, we started working Ernest on optimizing and further expanding our opportunities through social. As Ernest has worked with a wide spectrum of clients and industries, he was able to understand our business objectives and define a strategy to help us use social media to achieve organizational goals. Ernest’s approachable nature and best in class expertise made the process very insightful while allowing our team to learn and implement new and proven techniques. His guidance was especially helpful in restructuring the team based on skills to achieve results.”

– Coral Rodgers – BrokerLink Insurance


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“Ernest has an exceptional ability to provide engaging information with an insightful and clear style. Ernest helped us leverage United Way’s online, grassroots campaign to increase public awareness about key social issues.”

– Bryce Patton, United Way


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“What quickly became apparent in my first few meetings with Ernest, was his in-depth knowledge and his integrity. His approach is refreshing, enjoyable and focused. Just take some time to read his articles. Clearly, he has a passion for his craft. As a business owner, the inner workings of a website, social media, how Google operates etc. can all be quite overwhelming. I feel lucky to have met Ernest. It has been a pleasure working with him and I look forward to working with him on other projects in the future.”

– Matthew Buxton, Business Finance Canada


Digital Marketing Consultation

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