Project Catalyst

You are a leader on a mission. You have big goals, inspired vision, and a lot of ambition.

Chances are, you also ran into some roadblocks. You are driving change, but progress is slow. You tried to motivate your team, but they feel stuck. You are pursuing a vision beyond the next quarter, and it gets lonely at the top.

Know that you are not alone. Many high performing leaders I work with face the same challenges. If you are ready to be part of Project Catalyst, our work will help you:

  • Confidently lead through uncertainty.
  • Inspire your teams with a clear and compelling vision.
  • Foster a values-based culture of high performance.
  • Expose blind spots that are holding you back.

Project Catalyst is a $25,000 executive coaching grant offered to companies, non-profits, and startups working to solve big challenges in climate change, education, health, or energy.

Typical Coaching Results

A startup founder needed some coaching to structure and lead his business. One of our challenges was to prepare a powerful speech for potential partners and investors. His 20-minute presentation landed several major partnerships and an initial $500k round of investments.

A senior leader was considering a leap to another industry. Our work helped clarify his values and create a personal “operating system”. He decided to make an impact within his existing organization, and build up leadership capacity with his teams. Shortly after, he was also promoted to an executive board position.

The CEO of two $100M companies was on the verge of shutting both businesses down. Within three months, we illuminated the impact of his leadership style, intentionally designed how he showed up, and improved his mindset around setbacks. Both companies are now running profitably, delivering on time, with improved team effectiveness.


Project Catalyst is specifically designed to elevate the effectiveness and impact of mission-driven leaders. Here are the criteria for eligibility:

  • Your organization is contributing to solving challenges in sustainability, education, health, energy, or food.
  • Your organization may be a startup, technology company, or a non-profit.
  • You are presently in a leadership or decision making position.
  • You are committed to executing and following through on accountabilities.
  • You must be able to schedule at least one hour per week for coaching sessions and homework.
  • At the end of the engagement, you would provide a written testimonial about the results.

Apply to Project Catalyst

If you are ready to create powerful results and make significant progress toward your mission, please fill out the application below, and you will receive a reply within 48 hours.