5 Social Media Blogs Worth Reading

Last Updated: January 18, 2020

To say there is a sea of choice when it comes to social media blogs would be an understatement. Judging by the pure volume of social media experts, gurus, yogis, rabis and whatever else, they’re about as popular as pet rocks used to be. This too shall pass.

That being said, there is a number of truly valuable and useful blogs that are worth taking the time to read and below you’ll find 5 personal favorites:

6 Pixels of Separation – By now, you must have heard of the book by the same time. Highly regarded author, Mitch Joel, has been blogging since 2004. His posts are well written, easy to understand and tend to provide actionable advice. He also produces a podcast, which I’ve been a loyal listener of for a while now, covering a range of digital marketing topics and interviews with folks such as David Meerman Scott, Seth Godin and Julien Smith. I’ve had an opportunity to see Mitch speak at the last Art of Marketing conference in Calgary, and he was as polished of a speaker as he is a writer. Definitely worth a look.

Convince and Convert – I recently came across Jay Baer’s blog, Convince and Convert through a random connection on Twitter. Much like Mitch, Jay has a really great writing style that is easy to understand and follow. Interesting thing about Jay’s blog is its focus on social media strategy rather then the tools themselves. The thoughts and ideas expressed are more of the sit-and-think-about-this kind, which I appreciate. You can take those insights and articles and parallel them to your own business quite easily. This blog would be a great one for CEO’s and Marketing Managers to read.

Chris Brogan – The success of Trust Agents was a key event catapulting Chris into the marketing mainstream. However, few realize that Chris has been an active blogger since 2004. It’s actually quite funny to browse through some of those early posts as you can literally watch it transform into a marketing blog powerhouse that it is today. AdAge ranks his blog at the #3 spot (out of thousands). Chris writes very regularly, following Seth Godin’s steps in terms of frequency of posts. His posts are generally shorter and quicker to absorb. They tend to draw parallels between regular, real life events to social media and business.

Brian Solis – He wrote the book on¬†engagement… called Engage. Brian tends to write longer, in-depth articles that are well written, easy to consume and tend to be actionable. There is always some sort of a takeaway and just by looking at the number of comments and reactions, it’s easy to see he practices what he preaches when it comes to engagement. I enjoy the human and thinking aspect he brings to the table with topics such as Innovation, Market Trends and Business Models. He hosts Revolution Series which is very interesting video series to watch and is currently working on another book.

BrandChannel – This blog, or channel if you will, is populated by a number of authors and contributors. The soul of the site is rooted in branding, which of course includes marketing and social media. This is the one I read before bed. Very interesting and engaging articles in a number of formats including video, so you’re sure to find something to your liking. Length of articles depends on the writer, but they are all well written, worth the time to read and updated frequently.

If you, like many others, are hard-pressed to find the time to read a blog while making dinner, feeding the dog, disciplining your children and explaining to your spouse why the meeting lasted until 7 PM… take a breather and just follow the 5 blogs above. They’ll keep you up to date and on the right track!