5.5 Best Social Media Books

Last Updated: January 18, 2020

Best Social Media Books

“What is the best social media book” – I often get asked. We are all curious as to what is the best approach when it comes to social media and we are all looking for that silver bullet, a formula for success. Although I haven’t found a book with all the answers, the selection below will certainly help with developing your own idea:

Made to Stick – In this really great book, Chip and Dan Heath share what makes certain ideas and messages stick. Their principles translate well into the world of social media. With key principles such as: Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible and Emotional, this book will help you engage better both online and off. I found a summary for you, but I would highly encourage you to go out and buy this book for your library. Amazon link.

Brains on Fire – Written by the branding firm of the same name, this book is an amazing look into what it takes to build a brand community. All of the principles discussed relate directly to social media marketing. Even though the authors will occasionally slam advertising and a few other choice industries, it’s very much a worthwhile read that will open your eyes to the possibilities and how-tos of creating online communities. Amazon link.

The Naked Presenter – In its essence, this book talks about creating a bond with your audience. It should be a must-read for anyone in the professional speaking industry, however its core message resonated with me on several other levels. The pragmatic advice and theory used to illustrate Garr’s points are like idea steroids. To give you a taste, Garr talks about “social cognition” and how that affects our level of trust with other people. Amazon link.

Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs – Another presentation-based book… but just packed full of great business advice and ideas which, again, easily translate into our industry. In this book, Carmine Gallo discusses ideas that make Steve so great in front of an audience and those same ideas can help you and I build better marketing campaigns. Two of my key takeaways were “Why Should I Care?” (question your audience/community is asking) and “Simplify” (your products, your brand, your communications). Amazon link.

Lovemarks – This book translates some psychology principles into easily digestible marketing talk. Author, Kevin Roberts (CEO of awesome and massive Saatchi and Saatchi), explains that “A love-mark is the emotional connection you have with a product and it is that emotional connection that allows companies to conquer the world”. With concepts such as Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy, I believe this book is something all marketers should consider reading BEFORE launching any marketing campaign. Amazon link.

The Tipping Point – A true business and marketing classic by now, this book is a must-read when it comes to understanding the social dynamics behind influence and momentum of community. Malcolm’s writing style makes this a quick read that will significantly improve your social media efforts if your put his ideas to practice. Since reading this book, I’ve been on the lookout for Mavens, Connectors and Salesmen. And guess what? They are in our social circles, exerting their influence on our purchasing decisions. Here’s a really great summary to refresh your memory. Amazon link.

One of the main points I often make is to think of social media as play-dough. It can be shaped and reshaped. Assume your role as the social media artist and shape it into whatever you want it to be or do… a customer support medium, a community, feedback channel, promotion channel, sales tool… You are only limited by your imagination and willingness to put the required time in.


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