2 Social Media Management Models

Last Updated: January 18, 2020

Social Media Management

The following article is based on conversations I’ve had with companies, non-profits, clients and some of my own theories. The question is: What is the best way to approach social media marketing from a corporate resource management perspective. I believe there are two ways to do so effectively:

Filter & Delegate

This approach is based on having one point person. Most organizations would give them a title of “Community Manager”. This person is responsible for monitoring different channels, aggregating all data and conversations and assigning tasks (reply to a comment, review, tweet, etc) to a specialist in the organization. Once they receive a reply from the specialist, the community manager would then wordsmith the reply and post publicly from the company’s perspective.

This approach is best suited to organizations making the transition into the social environment as it allows for some control in terms of messaging and ensures your brand has a singular voice. On the other hand, having one point person creates time management challenges as they may experience high volumes of work, while at the same time having to ensure timely replies from specialists in the organization.

Empower & Enable

Rather then having one point person, this method enables a team to act on behalf of the brand. Selection process should focus on those employees who you feel represent the brand best, making sure their tone and communication style is consistent with the way you wish the brand to be perceived. Best way to approach this method is to develop a clear set of engagement and social media guidelines, and TRUST your employees to do the right thing. (If you can’t do that… social media should be the least of your worries)

This approach is best suited to progressive organizations who are comfortable with vulnerability and completely open communication style. If your company encourages employees to make their own decisions, places emphasis on personality-fit hiring and has short, ad-hoc meetings, this might be the way to go.

How does your company approach social media management? Do you feel like there are more effective approaches?

Happy planning!

Ernest // @ebarbaric
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